It all began, 2001, in Adams County, Ohio with Donna Sue Groves, a Field Reprensentative with the Ohio Arts Council.   She decorated her family barn with a quilt square pattern from one of her mothers quilts.  It grew to over 20  barns in Adams County and no
w Quilt Squares can be found on barns in Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennesee, the Carolinas and quickly spreading throughout the Appalachian Region.  As of August, 2013, 45 states now have counties participating in this wonderful movement.  More states and counties are joining in as word sweeps the country.

The best part is, these beautiful Quilt Art Squares are not just for barns anymore!  They are now appearing on buildings in cities as well!  Check out my Maysville Heritage Quilt Trail Page and see the quilt trail I started in this historic Kentucky river town!



What is Barn Quilt Jewelry
  I began seeing the Quilt Squares appear on Barns throughout the area where I live in Kentucky, Fleming County, Bath County,  Rowan County etc.  At the same time, I had begun crafting with Polymer Clay.  I immediately could see how this medium would be a wonderful way to reproduce the beauty of these Symbols of Americana. This would also allow the people who seek out and enjoy the "Clothesline of Barn Quilts" to collect their favorites to wear and display  as pendants, charms and earrings.